John | Adam :: Love is for those who find it :: The Log Cabin at Phillips Academy

I believe I was destined to meet John and Adam. Our circle of friends and acquaintances have almost overlapped many times... but it was their wedding day that we finally came together! And Boy oh Boy did we have a great time! These two kind souls have been together for 11 years and finally had the party of a century during the arrival of Hurricane Irene!

John and Adam brought their love of nature and the outdoors into their nuptials. The ceremony was held in this rustic log cabin, owned and maintained by Philips Academy in Andover, MA. It was an incredible setting for this incredible couple.

These gentlemen didn't need much encouragement to get a good photo... I mean seriously, they could do this professionally if they chose to!

All the details of the day were camping/rustic themed and I just about died when I saw how cute the seating "cards" were lovingly handcrafted!

Check out these Tents... Amazing. John and Adam's families are extremely talented and supportive of this relationship. As the day went on I found out more and more people that were involved in the planning and participating in all the tasks of this special event.

How cute is this...

As the day turned into night... the rain picked up and everyone moved indoors... but the party continued, everyone loosened up and were clearly having a good time.

Before I knew it the glitter started to fly and I had been Glitter-Bombed!

I thought this guy was giving me a goofy face for taking his picture, but... in fact he was trying to protect his eyes from the barrage of glitter he was being subjected to....

BTW, I'm still cleaning the glitter off all of my gear... but I really couldn't have asked for a better crowd!

I have been dying to take this picture all season and I finally had the perfect rings to do it with. Two of my absolute favorite things from a wedding, cake and rings, in one picture... gush, gush, gush....

Congratulations Adam & John!

The flicker of a campfire, the wind in the pines The moon in the heavens, the stars that shine A place where people gather to make friends of all kinds A place where all our troubles are always left behind