Atinuke | Ademola :: Love. Laughter. Dance.

I'm happy to feature Atinuke and Ademola's Wedding today!

I caught up with Atinuke as she was finishing up her makeup and hair... I think it's needless to say but she is... Stunning!

Atinuke has such style and elegance... she chose a lovely color combination of brown and orange.... and I absolutely loved the shoes...

.... I mean Really, can you ask for a more beautiful color combination.... and the lacy detail on her dress keeps drawing me back in...

And when I finally saw Ademola with his beautiful bride, I felt the transfer of love between the two. And what I loved most is the celebration that ensued from the moment they walked down the aisle together throughout the remainder of the day. Dancing, Dancing, Dancing!!!!!

Fortunately I got to have a little fun with the couple before the reception started. And I just loved the look of the Rolls Royce... basically Atinuke and Ademola Owned It by the time we were through!

What made this day even better was that their bridal party was also adventurous and playful.

Thing is, if you play too hard, your boutonnieres need to be fixed... ha ha ha... but it's all good!

I want to take a minute right here to thank everyone in the bridal party!  You really are an Amazing group of people and so much fun!  It's nice to have shared such a great day and special occasion with each of you! I felt so welcomed, Thank You!

And Did I mention that the Dancing Continued.... welcome the Bridal Train!

And Introducing MR. & MRS.....

A first dance, like no other!

So, so, so fun!

I was so impressed with the flowers on this cake... the intricate details... wowzer!

Something that also caught my eye when I was going through the photos to decide which to post on the blog were the similarities that Atinuke and Ademola shared throughout the evening... check out the pre-bouquet and pre-garter toss expressions... so sweet, so thoughtful!

Congratulations Atinuke and Ademola!  I get attached to my couples and you are no different... I wish you many, many years of happiness and love. I feel like I left your wedding with a new group of friends!  Best Wishes!

A big shout out to Shakeera Creation Studio for their wonderful job on Atinuke's Makeup and Hair.

And a thanks to Femster Images for capturing Video of the day!