Irresistibly. Cute. | The Clayton Family | The Fens, Boston, MA

You know, there are some days when you just know it's gonna be a good day!  That's what happened when I photographed The Clayton Family. Not only are Elliot and Rasheedah incredibly kind, they also have the sweetest, funniest, adorable little girl! If Saige doesn't melt your heart, you must have some kind of problems... ha ha ha... We met up at The Fens and headed straight for the Rose Garden. I thought it was extremely cool that as a kid Elliot had family photos taken here. I absolutely love family traditions being carried forward and being a part of building those memories.

Before I knew it Saige was warmed up and striking a pose!

Then she turned the camera on me... Thankfully that phone isn't real!

As we headed out to the rest of the park, Saige kept a close eye on me... there was so much more fun to be had!

I love the shadow and Saige's expression here...

We meandered back onto the bridge where Saige showed off her jumping and dancing skills and got the entire family involved.

If any of you remember Saige from last year, it was all we could do to get her interested in the camera by bribing her with gum!  This year it was unnecessary, but still promised, therefore we captured these delightful expressions...

After all that action we slowed it down on the MFA's steps.

I think it's safe to say that The Clayton's are on my favorite family list... Thank you Rasheedah, Elliot and Saige!  Maybe next year we can get Cocoa involved again!!!

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