Cake. Balloons. Bubbles. & Silly Faces. | Shrewsbury, MA

Does anyone else remember the excitement of birthday presents and all these older folks singing you happy birthday....? I didn't until I had the pleasure of photographing a combined birthday party for Maya and Savannah!

Christine and Dan threw this amazing party and made all these memories happen for their little girls!

Meet Savannah, who loves balloons!

And meet Maya, who loves bubbles!

The girls were so excited to check out their gifts... so many fun ideas! I think Christine found this one particularly useful too ;)

Soon, Maya was onto my tricks, gave me the silly face and went on the run!

Christine and I tracked Maya and little did she know that we are not afraid of Bouncy Castles... in fact we love them!

Savannah was much easier to keep tabs on... but not for long, I'm sure!

Aren't these girls just adorable though?  Shortly after this Savannah fell sound asleep so Maya took the show over for hat and all!

I think Maya is a frosting fan... but everyone enjoyed in their own ways...

There's Dan... he was on the grill making sure everyone had grub to eat...

Thank you Maya, Savannah, Dan and Christine for inviting me to your party!