Mellie, Mellie, Mellie OH MY! ::: Jamaica Pond, Boston, MA

Nothing amazes me more than how quickly children grow!  Last year I photographed Mellie when she was only 9 days old!  Here is a favorite photo of Mellie and mom, Annie, from that shoot!

So, Sweet... now, look who just turned ONE and is such a cutie pie...

I have to thank mom and dad for picking such a cute outfit. And I'm so psyched that the cute little shoes Mellie is wearing are one of her favorite pairs... (I bought those for her a year ago and hoped she would grow into them and love them as much as I found them adorable... It worked like a charm!)

There is something really great about the above photo. Mom's setting Mellie up and Marv, the family's Boston Terrier, is trying to sneak into the photo too.

Mellie LOVES Marv... I've been told that "MA" was Mellie's first word, and it wasn't for her mother, it was for Marvin... So Cute!

Now Marv on the other hand, he is cautious of Mellie... this was a rare photo opportunity where I could actually catch the pair together. I think if Mellie had it her way, they would be cuddling and playing all day long!

Luckily Mellie has her bunny rabbit for those quiet moments and cuddle times.

I mean really, can things get much cuter... sure they can... Peek-a-Boo!

Are you ready for an outfit change? If the tutu wasn't enough check out Mellie's traditional Korean Dress, called a Hanbok.

Now walking in this was a little difficult but she handled it like a champ!

I feel like she is summoning her kingdom in this photo.... and sure enough... some fans stopped by and Mellie gave them a royal wave!

Moments later Marv challenged Mellie to a staring contest... honestly I have no idea who won... but at this point I think you'll agree, it doesn't matter...

After so much work it's nice to chill with mom for a bit.

I love that people still make handmade items with so much color and detail! It's absolutely stunning craftsmanship!

Happy Birthday Mellie!  I wish the entire family many happy memories in the year to come!

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