Amy + Mike :: Happily Ever After...

As we head into a new season I find myself reminiscing on some of my summer weddings.

Today's blog features Amy and Mike's wedding at Sky Meadow Country Club in New Hampshire.

The colors of the Lily are so vibrant and reflect so beautifully on the wedding bands. What I found out as I was shooting this is that Mike proposed to Amy utilizing a Lily. Something tells me that this flower will be present in many anniversaries to come!

Mike and his family welcomed me with open arms and proceeded to try and feed me. There was some amazing coconut shrimp that I did have to sample, but then it was all business.

Mike has an awesome group of friends as well, but don't believe any of the lies they tell you... everything from that day was their idea, not mine... ha ha ha... it's always great to have a playful group of groomsmen, loosens everything up for the rest of the day. A little Bud Light might help too...

At the church both Amy and Mike were trying to sneak a peak but it's safe to say that they were unsuccessful until just the right moment...

After the ceremony what else is there to do but start to receive gifts. Amy's expression here is classic as she accepts an apple from the ring bearer! Best Gift reaction ever!

I love the expressions on the family and friends as they admire from the sidelines as the formal photos moved ahead.

Amy was absolutely gorgeous!

Which is more ADORABLE... pink shoes or the ring bearer? I'm not going to vote on this one!

Sliders for appetizers is a great idea and I think Amy was enjoying this treat!

As everything moved back indoors the guests erupted to celebrate this couples entrance. Bust a move guys!

I loved the simplicity of the black, white and pink colors; and the way the cake reflected in the serving pieces caught my eye.

Congratulations Amy and Mike!  I expect many years of laughter and love for you both!