Amy | Adam :: It's Something Beautiful :: Outdoor Wedding

Amy & Adam's Wedding in early September reminds me of the gorgeous weather we've been having the past few days in Boston. There was an incredible blue sky, warm but not too hot weather and a fresh feeling to the air. As I drove up to New Hampshire so many people were out enjoying this glorious day. I followed some winding roads and didn't know exactly what I was about to find... but what I found was a New England style home with a stunning backyard, a tent and many seasonal flowers.

I loved this barn door. I mean who wouldn't... it's so classic!

As everyone was entering the ceremony two of Amy & Adam's talented friends performed for the occasion. It was really beautiful!

Emotions ran high but everyone made it thru with the most beautiful and touching words...

So many friends and family showed up and were absolutely thrilled to be a part of this special union! I love that the receiving line was at this time of day. You can't quite make a bride look as angelic as this without the help of the sun...

Look at those flowers... I love how they compliment the color of the dresses... someone has very very good taste!

Amy and her ladies & gentleman... Aren't they adorable.... I do have to apologize because I kept slipping up and only referring to Bridesmaids... but I think all is forgiven.

After this I stole the couple for a few shots on the property.

I loved the arch where they were married. It was crafted extremely well and set in one of the most lovely gardens. I think the heart shaped leaves that spiraled their way up and around it were extremely well thought out. I believe they were morning glories but regardless they were the perfect touch!

Yes, these two photos are very similar but I put them in there to show how quickly a photo can change shape. In the top one there is a quiet elegance happening and in the bottom it is a cute and delicate exchange between the newlyweds!  I love both looks and honestly couldn't decide which photo to put, so I grabbed them both!!!  And who has noticed Adam's Boutonnière? Yep, that's a pepper!

This was a photo request from the couple. It was to replicate an old prom photo that the family has in this same location. I have not seen that old photo so I hope that we captured the feeling in this new take on an old theme!

As day turned into night the party really started up.

I really wished I would have taken the time to try the cake after it was cut... it looked absolutely delectable.

Young and old enjoyed the dancing and other festivities.

There were even fireworks, where I kind of feared for my life... but as far as I know there were no casualties... only a small burn hole in one of the bridesmaids dresses... nothing to0 bad...

Congratulations Amy and Adam!  I hope your new adventure together is all that you wished for!  Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your special day!