Olga | David :: True Affection :: Merrimack Valley Golf Club, Methuen, MA

Last month I got in my car on a wonderfully, beautiful day and headed out to Olga & David's fall wedding. My GPS got me to Merrimack Valley Golf Club without fail... have I ever mentioned that I can't live without my GPS at this point... what an incredible invention.

When I found Olga she was just about ready and hanging out with her ladies!

There was such positive energy and good vibes flowing from Olga and her friends. Maybe it helped having her energetic daughter there too...so so cute!

I loved the black and white, classic look.

After checking to make sure that everything looked just right, and I think it sure did.... it was ceremony time!

This is one of my favorite parts... all eyes on the beautiful bride...

and I LOVE this silhouette.

So, I have to admit... I've had the best luck this season!  (I hope I'm not jinxing myself for the rest of this season) BUT, I've had the most wonderful bridal parties. These folks were so much fun!

And on this day, I was also particularly lucky at how lovely this golf course was. My driver was a sophomore in high school and he showed us around and seemed so proud of the property. I'm not sure if he was the owner's son or not, but I think frankly he just loved to golf and appreciated the grounds. Either way... it worked out in our favor, don't ya think?

Ummm, and did I mention that we got an amazing sunset?

And then the real party began...

There was a long long discussion about what shot to have... and honestly I have no idea what was decided... but it was enjoyed by many...

And Olga was ever playful... up until the end of the evening...

Congratulations Olga & David, I wish you much luck and love!

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