Heeebie Jeeebies :: Spiders.Slugs.

In my former life I studied Entomology and have a fond affection for insects. I've impressed many people with my ability to allow bees and other 6 legged friends to land on or inspect me without so much as a twitch.

With that said, the Arachnids still spook me... mostly the startle factor, but still. Once I know where they are and as long as they aren't ballooning down on my sleeping boyfriend (yes, that happened) I am fascinated.

Little did I know that while I examined the spider and all it's beauty... another creature more horrible was lurking underfoot. Now, call me a wimp if you wish but I absolutely detest this next critter. But I conquered my fears as best as I could and got down and dirty this this not so little creep! Ewww... freakin' slime trails....


Keep on eye on the blog, I've got more spooky inspired entries planned for this weekend!