Superheros Run Amuck :: Cambridge, MA

The 3rd Annual Superhero 5K Run/Walk was held yesterday in Cambridge, MA. Fun was had by all, despite the cold and mud.

Some characters were more identifiable than others... but I'm not here to judge.

The official site indicates that there were around 500 participants. I'd say that's a pretty good showing, considering some of these folks are probably still without power at their homes. Darn Nor'Easter.

And you're probably wondering who I was rooting for.... well there he is... Aku, from Samaria Jack!

This years construction was much more stable... however, there was one small collapse... and little did we know that blood would be shed...

Don't worry folks... it looks worse than it was... I had to tell him he was covered in blood...  Ha.

So proud of you Jason!

And everyone walked off with goodies from Clif bar and Vitamin water...

Hope to see you there next year!

The official site can be found here Have2Run