The Yang Family :: Boston Public Garden

Believe it or not, Saturday morning ended up being a lovely morning for shooting in the Boston Public Garden. When I arrived I saw maybe 3 or 4 other photographers with their clients also trying to beat the storm. Luckily the Nor'easter waited until later. Unfortunately some of my followers are still waiting for their power to come back on. Stay warm out their folks!  Here are a few heart-warming photos from the shoot with the Yang Family!  So, so, so adorable.

A great Big Sister in the making!!

A huge highlight were the ducks, including Make Way for Ducklings!

What a fun family!

Liz informed me that they hadn't taken many pregnancy photos this time around so we made a point to grab a few... Beautiful Momma!

I can't get over how happy this kid is... lots and lots of giggles!

Someone was getting tuckered out...


Welcome back to Boston Yang Family!

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