The Banitt Boys :: Rural Minnesota

Last week I took a much needed vacation. While we decided to drive from Boston to Minnesota, which ended up being more tiring than I can explain, we had a fantastic time. When I posted that I was heading back to my hometown, I was thrilled to be asked by one of my high school friends to come and photograph her kids. Ummm... Heck yah!  So, I made sure I had all I needed to capture Braeden, Preston, and Rylan!

As I rounded the bend to their home and crossed paths with maybe 6-7 hunters, I was pleased to find this beautiful landscape in front of me. I grew up about 10 miles from The Banitt's home and was ecstatic to be back in rural Minnesota.

The gravel roads go on and on... and indeed carried me to my destination.

I found my subjects plastered to the window in anticipation of my arrival and couldn't have been more excited myself.

I instantly fell in love with their energy and spunk. They totally wore me out as they ran about the yard and played like kids will do.

Too, too cute!

What is even cooler than a huge yard to play in... having a trampoline to jump on.

Even the cats ventured onto the trampoline....

Brave, brave kitty!

And one of dad's hobbies is also a delight to the boys... derby cars. Even mom announced that she'll be doing a powderpuff event next year. That might be reason enough for me to venture back...

And after all that fun, of course I asked them to roll down the hills. Little did we realize that we were all about to be slightly wounded by thistles... but I think it was well worth a little pain. The boys may beg to differ.

And there's mom... lovin' her fellas!  Next time we'll have to schedule when dad can be there too!

Thank you to Sara, Preston, Braeden, and Rylan for a wonderful photographic adventure!  Spending some time with you on my vacation was a total treat!