Ginger + Scott :: It's Love, Pure and Simple:: Ipswich Country Club, Ipswich, MA

Do you remember early October and how wonderfully beautiful it was? The temps were mild and the days were bright... and I had the pleasure of shooting Ginger and Scott's wedding on one of those amazing afternoons.

Ginger and her ladies were so much fun to work with.  And I loved the blue of the bridesmaids' dresses and their bouquets were a beautiful compliment.

And Scott was a perfect gentleman.

So, I have to share a little bit about the venue. This was my first time at Ipswich Country Club. I love Country Clubs because the grounds are kept so neat and clean. And during the reception things more often than not run very very smoothly. This was entirely the case with ICC. The one thing that momentarily threw me a curve ball was the bride's suite. Over half of the room had mirrors. And then it had this flowered wall covering. At first I thought it was wallpaper but no, it was fabric and padded. I was constantly trying to find angles where I was not being reflected and where my light would work and where the pattern in the room was not so overwhelming. Well... above is one of my favorite photos of Ginger while she is waiting for the ceremony to begin.... I guess I found the right spot on that one. Ha.

Scott... leading off the lineup!

The sand ceremony. Cute. Cute. Cute.

And the kiss...

The other thing about Country Clubs is that the staff knows where to take you for the most beautiful light at any time of day. So, Ginger, Scott and myself raced off to catch the light.

Aren't these two just absolutely adorable? And they know how to celebrate...

The speeches were touching and obtained a laugh or two...

Some of the best dancing I've seen all year happened this evening.

And how cool is this... a cigar bar like no other I've seen.... handmade right on site. Amazing. I wish I had had time to sit and watch them for awhile.

The Parent Dances were incredible too...

I mean seriously INCREDIBLE... Go Mom Go!

Congratulations Ginger and Scott!  I wish you many sunny days ahead!  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day!

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