Baby Z = Elad :: New England Baby Photography

Who remembers Janette and Joran? The expecting parents of Baby Z, as they affectionately called their babe on the way. If you don't remember, jump over here for their full maternity photo shoot.

It took awhile for me to meet their little lad, since he was a bit colicky, but Janette and Joran have a good sense of humor about it now...

And well, their baby BOY, Elad,  was a very well behaved and smiley participant upon our first meeting.

Elad knows a good time when he sees one... and can find pleasure in the simplest things, like his fingers...

Elad's expressive face warmed my heart instantly.

I swear I can hear him saying... Hey, what's everyone looking at? Are you going to cuddle me or what?

This kid loves his bouncy chair and what he likes even more is sitting around in the buff.

This is an all time FAVORITE. Awwwwww....

And this one.... so Sweet!  He tugged on his ear a few times but this expression is priceless! A mini Hulk Hogan comes to mind... (I never imagined I would reference wrestling in my blog. Who Knew?)

Cute, Cute, Cute.

I LOVE this family. Congratulations on this wonderful bundle of joy!  Enjoy all the special moments ahead!

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Happy Holidays!