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This entire week all I could think about is what I was going to bake. I don't know if it's because I really want the sweets or if it's a cozy thing to do on a quiet afternoon. Or maybe I just realized I have a lot of flour, sugar, and butter in the house. Honestly, it's probably because I have become addicted to Pinterest and realized some things about myself.... I love finding good recipes, I love color combinations, and I love adorable papers and origami. So, I wondered how I might be able to share my adventures with my my followers. So, this is my first attempt... make something then photograph it and then share the photos here.

I know, I know... I said cookies in the title... get on with it... Today's baked goodie...

chocolate peanut butter surprise cookies

I'm not positive I want to start to rate my own cooking/baking skills, however, these are really tasty. My only complaint is that they weren't nearly as moist as I had hoped. I'll leave it at that.

Luckily I can send these off to Jason's office so I don't eat them all!

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Find the recipe here.