Maureen & Patrick | New Years Eve Wedding

I'm finally getting around to my last wedding post of 2011. Even though it was the last, doesn't mean it wasn't memorable!

Maureen and Patrick chose to have a New Years Wedding and it was such a beautiful celebration. There is something so lovely about weddings that happen near the holidays. This jovial bunch were such an amazing, talented and happy group of people!

Maureen's family welcomed me into their home and I felt like it was Christmas all over again. There were lights hung on the tree, treats on the table and everyone was so joyous. What I immediately realized was that this family loves one another!

After all the prep work, a little toast and they were off to the church!

Stunning Bride!  And Maureen couldn't have looked more lovely wearing the dress that not only did her Mother wear, but also her Grandmother!

I love this moment. This is Patrick's Mother. She saw Maureen and then instantly looked to her son to see his face. I too make sure to capture an expression of the groom as his bride is walking down the isle. It's a touching moment. And Patrick did not disappoint. This couple is sooooo in LOVE.

Okay, so I said that the family is very talented.... well, their musical tendencies are over the top, below you can see Maureen's Grandmother singing during the service. Her sisters also shared a tune for this special occasion.

I love the priest's expression.

The reception was at the South Shore Country Club and the sparkling lights and ornaments made the whole hall feel so warm.

Maureen and Patrick had an entrance like no other I had experienced yet!  So fun and so personal!

Tee Hee... look at the cake topper! So creative!

Oh, and did I mention that the family took over for awhile during the reception and entertained the crowd and got everyone dancing!


WooHoo! Dancing, Singing and Merriment!

Congratulations Maureen and Patrick!

I'm very excited for 2012 and to work with such wonderful people! Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions about my services and offerings. I'd love to hear from you!