Connect for a Cause 2012 | Easter Seals Massachusetts

Earlier this month I had the extreme pleasure to work with the local Regional Chapter of the Easter Seals for their Connect for a Cause event. I met the most amazing individuals and was so inspired. These events are often feel-good motivators and this one was no exception!  I know you might not generally read the words on this blog but today's will be worth it. I have gotten permission from both of the speakers to share their poems from the evening, as there is no way I could express anything as eloquently as either of them did. So, please be sure to check it out!

As guests arrived they were greeted at the registration desk and were able to check out the breath taking views of the Boston Skyline and the had opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for some great prizes...

As folks mingled and got settled in they were enjoying food and entertainment from the supporters of the event...

Attendees then focused their attention on some words and information. Followed by the first speaker... meet Remon.

"Unstoppable" by Remon Jourdan

"I used to think I was unstoppable. And then I woke up in a hospital thinking this can't be possible. I was just driving home and I must've dozed. Because now I'm laying here with tubes in my mouth and my nose. So it just goes to show that we should live life to the fullest. Since none of us really knows where life's going to put us…"

With the audiences undivided attention Shelia took center stage.

"I AM NOT"  by Sheila Radziewicz

Mangled, frail, delicate infant Weak, poor, ignorant infant, I was NOT!

You did not have the power to define my fate with Death

Cripple, feeble-minded, pitiful child Unable, immobile, lame child, I was NOT!

I defied your prediction, then I deny your position, now

Undetermined, incapable, paralyzed woman Lessen, negative, powerless woman, I am NOT!

Fear forced your prediction of my Death Fear created your insecurity Fear does NOT rule me

Complete, strong, unbreakable infant Bold, healthy, aware infant, I WAS!

I chose to prove you wrong The power to live was mine

Whole, intelligent, witty, child Able, mobile, bright child, I WAS!

I believed in myself I knew success was coming

Determined, capable, secure woman Brave, confident, powerful woman, I AM!

I fought against your fear I fought against your insecurity I chose LIFE when you would Not!

Truly amazing! And everyone was thrilled to continue the celebration. Well, possibly because next up was the announcement of prize winners... ha.

Oh, and did I mention that I had set up a photo area and many people enjoyed getting their photo taken?  Well, Yes indeed, it happened...

With that said, I also had one gentleman who may have enjoyed having his photo taken TOO much. Meet Darcy!  He entertained me for a few minutes and dragged a few other individuals into his antics... this is what I'm going to call my "Photo Bomb" of Darcy...  Enjoy sir!

Mostly I want to thank Remon and Sheila for their participation in the evening as well as sharing a few words for my blog.

In addition, I'm thrilled to have collaborated with Easter Seals and hope to share many more events with them. Their next event is April 12th, Ready, Set, Go.

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