Kimberly & Adam | Frolicking Fun | Engagement Session

Back on one of those surprisingly, shockingly nice days this winter I met up with Kimberly and Adam for their engagement session and all I can say is WOW.  I say this not only because they are a good looking couple together, but because it is clear how in love they are! When one was nervous the other instinctively made it all better...

I immediately was drawn to the light and shadows on the shoot and we utilized it throughout the session... Oh, and Kimberly's boots weren't half bad either. Ha.


Oh, and I love this park for shoots... I mean, these stairs... Lovely, just lovely.

Oh Yah, they were having a grand 'ol time!!!!!

Total naturals, don't you agree?!

Ok, so this photo makes me feel like a total stalker but I think it is kind of cool how soft it feels. I mean, clearly they still knew I was there, so I'm not a stalker, but... ummm... really, I'm not a stalker...but I didn't want to jump out from behind the railing and yell "SURPRISE"

This spot in the park is one of my favorites and Kimberly and Adam loved it too. As the light started to fade, we lucked out with a lovely sky and though there became a chill to the air and stomachs were growling... we pushed forward...

And my favorite from the day came right at the end! Yes, Yes, Yes!

I can't wait to shoot their wedding this fall!  We are going to have a blast! Be sure to tune in all season so you don't miss out on their wedding and everything in between. It's going to be a great year!