Ready, Set, Go | Easter Seals Event | Massachusetts Event Photographer

Last Thursday evening was another one of those days where I am proud to be a photographer and have the ability to use my talents toward a good cause. I was honored to be invited back to Photograph the Easter Seals Ready, Set, Go Fundraising Event. The evening was filled with inspiring words, recognition of amazing individuals and their incredible achievements.

As the generous crowd gathered around to listen to words by Barry Nolan, the vibe couldn't have been more festive.

You may be aware that the Boston Marathon was on Monday and I admire every person that enters, runs, and finishes that race every year. This year was the Hoyt Family's 30th year participating in the Marthon.  Rick and Dick Hoyt, are guests of honor at Ready, Set, Go and give out awards at this Annual Easter Seals Event.  If you don't know the Hoyt Family you can read more about their story and amazing history at Team Hoyt.

The first thing I noticed as The Hoyt's took the stage was Rick's haircut... notice the 50 shaved into his hair... it's in honor of his 50th birthday. On the other side was a 30, which represents the 30th Boston Marathon that Rick and Dick Hoyt have run in. Holy Moly, right?! This is just incredible.

To honor this accomplishment, a painting, by a young local artist, Dustin Neece, was presented. Emotions were running so high for the big reveal...

Next up was the presentation of The Team Hoyt awards. If you've been following my blog, you should see a familiar face...

This years recipient of the Team Hoyt Rising Star Award is... Shelia Radziewicz!

Congratulations Shelia!

You'll remember Shelia from the previous Easter Seals event where I met her for the first time... check out that blog post here. All you have to do is a quick Google search of Shelia and you'll know how deserving she is of this award.

Proud friends and family were on hand to celebrate with Shelia and you can see the pride on their faces as she spoke of her past and future!  No doubt Shelia is not finished motivating herself and others!

Here is Shelia's dad as she spoke of his influence on her while growing up and becoming the woman she is today.

...and one of Shelia's best friends who came to support her!

Michael and his family were invited to present the award to Shelia...

Happy times! Love it!!!!

Admiring her hardware...

The Team Hoyt Award was presented to the representatives of the EMC Corporation by Steve Grogan!

Congrats and a big Thank You to the EMC Corporation for their commitment to equal opportunities and their generous donation!

The festivities continued with live music from Elan Trotman and his band!

The ever faithful Volunteers were having a great time in the photobooth!

People of all ages LOVE mustaches!!!

Smiles all around!

In addition to the Live and Silent Auctions there was also a room set up to check out Assistive Technology tools! Above you might recognize Remon from the last event too. He recently published his first Children's Book... check it out... here.

Guests continued to enjoy the atmosphere and views from the Microsoft New England Research & Development Center

Dustin and his supporters stayed and enjoyed the evening, posing when asked .... ha ha ha

As did The Hoyt's and Shelia!

This family came all the way from California! I'm going to give them the unofficial Distance Award! ha.

Some of the innovations that are out there, completely astound me... this one is called the Wijit

A happy user!

I'm not sure the purpose of this giant pause button at the venue, but I'm going to use it to encourage you to PAUSE for a minute and think about this...

Initial totals from the all important donors is a whopping $193K!  Yes, that's right folks... $193K!  AMAZING, and well worth it.

Again, I am honored to have been a part of the evening and give a huge round of applause to everyone that participated in the event!

I also want to thank my second shooter, Amy Oman, for her incredible work and for helping me to not loose my voice entirely that evening!

If you are inspired to participate with Easter Seals, you can find a list of events in  Massachusetts here or I encourage you to connect with your local chapter.