BAM! POW! BANG! | ComiCon Boston 2012

This weekend was the Boston ComiCon! I've never gone before but -ZAP- the opportunity arose to go on Sunday.

Jason had the honor of being the mascot for Have2Run Production's booth. They were promoting the Superhero Race that happens every October in Cambridge. Here is a blog post from last years run. If you're interested in running/walking this year you can sign up on the website.

The rest of the convention was a combination of artists, characters, collectors, vendors, fanatics, and gawkers (like me). But first everyone had to get in past this guy... the Gatekeeper.

I quickly became a fan of watching the artists work on their sketches. There was a lot of talent sitting in this room.

Some artists were so popular that there were lines growing just to get a moment to talk with them.

Besides the artists there were also the comics. And I mean a lot of comics!

And the collectibles.

Every character had their own pint glass it seemed. And people of all ages enjoyed picking out their favorites!

Some groups even took this opportunity to raise money for the charities of their choice. The 501st Legion had a booth where you could shoot various Storm Troopers to raise money for the Shriners Hospital!

These kids did great!

There were breakout sessions (I didn't attend) and people were interviewed. Basically, it's a really big to-do!

And, my oh my the costumes....

But again, my favorite part were the artists.

Every age group was represented!!!

All sorts of Vendors were present.. Above is Boston's Weekly dig! Below is a product offered by Bexx Fine!

Overall I think the crowds were entertained and went home happy... I certainly did!