Rachel's Bat Mitzvah

Last month, I second shot for Photography by Kasia. Her lovely client Rachel was having her Bat Mitzvah and boy oh boy did we have a good time.

Rachel's theme was shopping and all the sweet little details were great. And who doesn't love the bright pink and green color combination.... ?

Most of Rachel's friends arrived with her on a big orange bus, which meant the party was ready to get started.

And party they did... from musical chairs, choreographed dancing, and posing for photos... everyone seemed to be having a grand ol' time.

Rachel's parents were not afraid to have a bit of fun too!

Although, I'd have to say Rachel was the most enthusiastic to keep the energy up! Ha...

And as the family gathered to celebrate the rituals of the day, it was clear to me just how much love is shared in this family.

This poised, young lady had the attention of everyone in the room and was also alert enough to avoid a possible disaster... look at that face...

Good Catch!


Fun traditions...

Everyone enjoyed a slideshow, which Rachel's dad put together for the occasion too!

While some others found the perfect disguise ... ha ha ha.

WAIT, what? ... I know that person... Kasia... what?

The cupcakes looked so scrumptious.... I Loved the pink shoes and green wrappers...

And did I mention there was also an ice cream sundae bar...


The dancers kept everyone going, and going, and going....

Congratulations Rachel! You certainly know how to throw a good party!!!