A Raffle Winner's Debut | Boston Area Portrait Photographer

As some of you know, I occasionally donate portrait sessions to charity Raffles and Auctions in the form of Gift Certificates! By doing these activities not only do I feel like I'm contributing more to organizations whose Missions I connect with but I also meet some incredible new clients. These are folks who I may not have connected with if it hadn't been for these great causes! In this week's blog feature I want you to meet Yojanse! Yojanse is a talented individual in his own right and was so enthusiastic at the Easter Seals event where I met him, I don't think I contained my excitement at all when his name was pulled out of the raffle!

Yojanse chose this Boston Landmark for his shoot and brought his friend along! Below are just a handful of my favorites from the shoot....

Now, please note, these guys are not models, but... I think that should their careers take a different turn BOTH these gents could make it happen. They exude confidence and personality, which was so much fun to photograph!

Don't you agree?

With a location this cool and with so much architecture it's incredible to utilize the structures to enhance the feel.

Yojanse really is too cool for me!  Ha ha ha! Fun Times!

Thank you Yojanse... a) for a great photoshoot! b) more importantly for donating to the Easter Seals!

Just remember, a session like this could be all yours too! Next steps for you... Email me (jennaltonphoto@gmail.com)! Book with me!