Remon on Stage | The Middle East Downstairs | Boston Event Photography

Boy oh boy, June is kicking butt. My butt that is. At least it's in a good way with lots of work. Between, weddings, portraits, assisting and second shooting there has yet to be a dull moment. Therefore I fell behind on blogging. But I think you'll enjoy today's feature.

So, one of the many reasons I love my job are the connections you make with your clients. About a month and a half ago, Remon, who I met at the Easter Seals Events that I photographed, emailed me and asked if I'd document a Benefit that he was going to be speaking at. Well, heck yes!

The show was a benefit concert and memorial with all the proceeds going to the family of Erik Brown a.k.a. Eddie Bones who was a musical producer and member of the hip-hop group "Skitzofreniks." Everyone who performed had worked with him at some point during his career.

Now, I don't know how many of you have been to the Middle East Downstairs but it is anything but photo friendly... so I took this whole evening as a challenge.

My only regret was that Remon was not on the stage that long, but that also gave us plenty of opportunities to grab some images of Rey and his friends.

This was one of my favorites... taken while Rey was being introduced.

Rey immediately captivated the audience with his lyrics. Showing everyone his strength, character and creativity!

Having heard Remon speak a few times now, it amazes me how there is a moment when the crowd actually realizes the words spoken are "Real". I guess it's hard to explain, but a silence goes through the room and an awareness of how his words are precious is acknowledged. There is no doubt in my mind that Rey will continue to inspire people of all communities.

As the show continued Rey threw his feet up and enjoyed the performances...


All the performers had an energy that kept the crowd entertained and engaged. There was a joke about how most of these guys are never performing at this hour and I glanced at the clock and thought, Man, this is way past MY bedtime already. Ha!

I can't thank Remon enough for this opportunity. It's not something I get to do everyday, but I loved every minute! And I'm certain that Eddie Bones' family will benefit greatly from this event!