Corpse Flower "Morticia" | Franklin Park Zoo | Boston Area Photographer

Alright, so, the Franklin Park Zoo is only a few miles from my home and this was my first visit. And I'll admit it right now... I still wouldn't have gone except there was so much hype over the Corpse Flower "Morticia" that bloomed last week. So, with that to motivate me I headed over and I'm really happy I went. However, it was one of those horribly hot days. Unfortunately the heat inside the greenhouse with Morticia was even more oppressive. I believe the docent said it was 104 degrees... but that doesn't even express the humidity. My lens immediately fogged over because of the pea soup environment. Despite all that... the Corpse Flower was really impressive! I'm not here to spew facts about it... but... it's scientific name is Amorphophallus titanum, and you can wiki it for more info. The most frequently asked question I've received so far though is "Was it really stinky?" and I have to say it wasn't so bad, but I was also there almost 12 hours after it had first opened, which is when it's supposed to be the strongest. I would compare the smell to a low tide marsh area on a really hot summer day. The next expected bloom is in 3 years at this zoo, so you can check it out then! ha.


I really appreciated the mirror setup so you could see inside the bloom.

Franklin Park Zoo has 5 Corpse Flowers in their possession. This is one that is in the "Leaf Stage", I believe they call this one Pugsley.

The youngest one in the terracotta pot doesn't have a name yet... but it was pretty cool to see them all lined up in the various stages of growth.

Below is Fester, who apparently bloomed 2-3 weeks ago.

My guess is that Morticia is starting to look similar this week.

After a few more minutes of getting sweat in my eye and on my lenses, I decided to check out some more of the zoo...

Luckily there was a fence otherwise I would have been in there for a bit of a shower too... ha.

Everyone was trying to stay as cool as possible.

I don't think she was impressed having me take her photo while she was eating. I got the cold shoulder right after that.

By this point I was fading, yes folks, I had seen maybe 1/20th of the whole zoo and I was pooped! Don't judge... ha ha ha.

But I had seen a sign for a Butterfly Garden, so, I figured I'd stop in there and rest. Then take it from there.

So, some of you know this but others probably don't but I received a Masters degree in Entomology. And well, I still have a fondness for insects. Therefore, what I thought would be a relaxing stroll through the garden became a test of patience and strength. I'm happy with some of the shots I got of these beauties but would love to go back and do better.

There were so many more... so definitely I'll go back and build on this collection. Have any of you taken any photos at a zoo this summer? Where are your favorite spots? Did anyone else go see Morticia?

Oh, and yes, I left after this. I was sooo tired. I shall return.