Lauren & Sunmin's Cape Nuptials | Crown & Anchor, Provincetown | Same-Sex Wedding Photographer

So, I've been dying to share this wedding with all of you! Not only was it one of the most beautiful ceremonies I've witnessed and the location and weather were stunning... but I got to work with a wonderful photographer and friend. Vail at Fucci Photos invited me to second shoot for her in Provincetown for Lauren & Sunmin's personalized celebration of  love. We met up at the Crown and Anchor, which is a sweet little spot with a staff that can make anyone's day better.

As Lauren and Sunmin continued to get ready, Vail and I searched out a perfect spot for the big reveal where the ladies would see each other in their gowns for the first time that day. P-town has so many opportunities and we found a wonderful spot, which the brides told us later was perfect for them! That's what I want to hear.

As time drew near, I went off with Sunmin as she slipped into her gown and did final touch ups! It was easy to see just how happy she was... I don't think there was a single moment when the smile or laughter faded.

Simply gorgeous.

Vail swept Sunmin out to the site of the reveal and I caught up with Lauren to accompany her to the spot. With some final hugs, we were off and the level of excitement was quite contagious!

This is a favorite from the day and honestly of any "First Look" I've done. Sunmin's reaction to this moment is classic!

I can't say enough on how freely these two show their emotions for one another. Each compliment one another so nicely.

As Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's Over the Rainbow started to play the crowd sat in attention as the ceremony began. And now every time I hear that song, I think of this day and it makes me smile and get all warm and fuzzy!

As the most beautiful, inspiring words were read and express, I don't think there was a single dry eye.

This is also a favorite, which I had no idea when I was taking it that it would be. What I love most is not just the fact that this is a loved one present at the wedding day and honoring the couple with her words, but you can see Lauren and Sunmin in her sunglasses holding hands. Umm... Awesome!

Final ceremonial traditions were concluded and the party was just about to begin.

There was a photobooth that guests of all ages were frequently going in and out of.

And although I had been clued into the special entrance by Lauren and Sunmin, I was still amazed by the abilities of their friends to successfully Flash Mob the first dance.

Incredibly fantastic!

Okay, while I am currently shying away from eating sweets, this cake looked so amazing and had traveled a long way to get to this moment. Apparently it was driven up from Baltimore. When I heard this I was wondering what was so special about the cake... and sure enough... it was special.

The evening continued with toasting, celebrating, dancing and a penguin suit... all seemed exactly as it should be.

All I know is that I was extremely fortunate to be at this wedding and witness this outpouring of love and happiness!

Congratulations again Sunmin and Lauren!

Thank you Vail for not only hiring me for this event, but for sharing your knowledge and perspective on all things Wedding! To see more from this event check out Vail's well written blog post here.

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