In Need of Caffeine | Photographing Children | Family Portrait Photographer

Normally, I post my best photos, the ones I'm most proud of, the ones that help me tell a story about my session or wedding. Yah, that about sums it up... cuteness equals blog-worthy. Well this week, I was thinking about this session and how I'd like to highlight it... and I'm gonna start by saying that these families are adorable. Now let me tell you that I was afraid, very afraid of this session... 3 boys under the age of 6 and one baby girl turning one years old. Did I mention there were 3 boy cousins who love to run, play, and fool around. So, I decided that I could warm up with the birthday girl, since the boys had already scattered to the playground... ha.

Little Miss S is so sweet. And has the best smile and biggest eyes.

After a few minutes though I realized I needed to start hunting down the boys before they messed up their clothes. As I knew each family was hoping for some "clean" photos before the session was done.

So, I caught one... and well, I'm not sure what secret Mr. E was trying to keep, but I got him...

Ah ha... another one... yes, keep swing Mr. T. Good, very good.

And a third. Mr. L has always been a fan of the camera... caught him, Whew.

Next up though was the sit down, knock out, drag out, fight to get family portraits.

All I could think is must seek shade and I must get them away from the play equipment. Must get attention! Once I found a spot, we settled in and here is where the fun began...

Steve and Tracy helped to make this as fun as possible for everyone. And I have to admit, I was chuckling over Steve's facial expressions.

Everyone got a chance to be front and center. Here I love Miss S's expression, but I also love her brother's face. Priceless.

Is this what they will hang on their wall, maybe not, however, it's the moments that I find really telling of the day.

The fun did not stop there. Next up...

Nate and Holly's attempt at getting serious family photos. Not everyone was a fan of me and the camera that day. Can you guess who?

But after some time, we got something that I would like to call a "real" family photo.

Kids will be kids. And it's fantastic!

Remove the adults and this is what happens...



Shenanigans! Slap forehead!

But then this happens! Well done. Perfect? No, I don't think so, but not too shabby.

What happened next, you might be wondering. Well...

Everyone ran for their lives and I picked up and raced my tired bum after them....

.... and then when it was all said and done I went to a sushi buffet and treated myself!

What did the clients have to say? Happy Happy Happy.

Now, I might just go grab another cappuccino!