Boyhood Adventures & Blond Curls | Toddler Photographer

Meet Mr. N. This little fella and his family have been clients from the very beginning of Jenn Alton Photography.

Kristen and Colin informed me that this is Mr. N's favorite park, so we decided to capture him in his natural element... and that we did.

He had no idea I was waiting for him over here... Eeek!

This time, he saw me coming from a mile away! Ha.

This was a rare moment where he was sitting! I can't get over those curls, all those blond curls! Swoon!

Next up was climbing the slide... apparently this was the first time he's done this. Look at that determination!

Climbing seems to be a current trend.

Snack time proved to be particularly entertaining as well.

Such a fun, fun kid!

I mean, Seriously, if this doesn't brighten your day, I don't know what will!

But, why won't anyone play with me in the sandbox?

Back to hide and seek, then.

I think this is where Mr. N started to flirt with me. Awww Shucks little guy, I'm already taken! Ha.

Nothing stops this guy, and he sure does love his parents! And so do I!

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