Sara & Spencer | A Rockin' Wedding | Atlantica in Cohasset, MA

Let me just say this, Sara and Spencer's Wedding was AWESOME. And I'm thrilled to be Finally  posting my favorites from the day on the blog.

Now, I didn't realize it until I was skyping with Sara and Spencer that I had met them before. Where you ask? Well, at Sara's sister Maureen's Wedding on NYE, of course! Yep, I was Maureen's photographer and low and behold, it was now Sara and Spencer's big day and I was to be a part of their event also. I couldn't be happier at the prospects and the day was just as wonderful as I had imagined.

Sara's choice of a pink theme suit her to a T.

There were also hints of green, which I loved.

All of Sara's family and friends were close at hand to support this beautiful person marry her true love.

These are moments that I cherish on the wedding day. Father-daughter time. Precious.

A smile a mile wide.

Sara's friends and family erupted in song on the trolley! "Going to the Chapel and We're Gonna Get Maaaa~aarrried"

Spencer's groomsmen were poised to make sure that the groom did not sneak a peek at his wife-to-be.

Once they were together in the church there were few dry eyes to be found.

That would be Sara's Father giving a high five! Perfect!

Bubbles Bubbles everywhere!

These ladies made sure there were plenty of laughs to go around.

But the guys would not be outdone!

Put them both together and there was no stopping them!

Sara showing off her beautiful veil.  And Spencer sporting his top hat.

The party continued at the Atlantica on Cohasset Harbor.

The cake was perfect!

If you do not remember, Sara and her family are known to entertain. And that they did.

Sara's dad had her literally off her feet for the Father-Daughter dance.

The speeches were a hoot and a half, too!

Cheers Sara and Spencer.

As the signature drinks were poured and the music began to flow, the party was in full swing.

And then this happened!

Sara had taken the stage and played a couple numbers. She rocked it in her dress and with her pink guitar!

So much freakin' fun!

Congratulations Sara and Spencer! I know there is no stopping the love that you share and the support from your family and friends on the journeys you'll have.

Best wishes!