Fall Family Portraits | Berlin Orchards & Berlin Farms | New England Area Photographer

On a crisp Monday Morning, after a weekend full of capturing people celebrating numerous occasions, I grabbed a coffee and headed out to meet The Seaman Family at Berlin Farms and Berlin Orchards. Apparently, I expected a line at Starbucks at 6AM, because I arrived on site about 40 minutes early. Although it was chilly, the coffee was kicking in and the roosters were crowing, which made me head out to take a peek around.

I hadn't been to Berlin Farms before, but it is clearly a beautiful farm that is well-loved and the owner was so nice and accommodating!

Everyone was just waking up and having breakfast, so I didn't feel so tired anymore.

There are things that I love about the morning and other things I hate (like actually getting up) but for now I'll focus on the positive. Such as morning dew on plants.

The other thing about early mornings is the beautiful light that is available! And that is why we chose this time of day, well that and because the kids are pretty happy at this hour, ha ha ha... gotta know your subjects!

Soon, we were right into the swing of things and hanging out in the orchard.

Meet The Seaman Family!

Now, I know that some planning went into picking out and matching these outfits, but it all seems so natural and effortless!

We quickly realized that the apples were gonna be a high point of the morning.



This family makes me so happy!

Soon we realized that we had to leave the apples though...

... but not before this...

... now that was some good apple!

Someone is getting really independent and can lead the way to the next stop!

But there is always time to let the tractors pass by...

...and everyone needs a pumpkin just the right size!

There are plenty more where these came from, but I do need to keep a few as a "surprise"!

But really, this is one of my favorite sessions of all time!

Can you really blame me?

Thank you Seaman Family! Happy Fall!

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