Family Portrait Fun | Boston Public Garden | New England Area Photographer

There is no greater honor than when clients return. Not only return, but are one of your very first clients whose family begins to grow and they live in NY and they still return to you! Blushing...

But in all seriousness, Ingrid and Alex's wedding was my very first wedding that I shot as lead photographer, and it still sets my heart aglow thinking about it. We've kept in touch and always talked about doing a family session next time they were in town. Once their littlest one was about to turn ONE years old, it was time.

How can you possibly resist this family? I know I can't!

Knowing we had a small window of time while the little one was happy we took advantage of every minute.

Brother and Sisterly Love!

It is insane to think how fast time goes by. It seems like just yesterday I met this young girl and now she's turning into a beautiful lady.

It's safe to say I thought this kid was adorable to start with but then I found out one of his favorite toys was this monkey. Ummmm, I love Monkeys, which means I love you. ha!!!


Soon I saw the true style of this little guy. Hey "Dude"! Happy Birthday!

He's quite a curious little fella!

Oh, did I mention I love monkeys?!!!! I LOVE MONKEYS!

And I love football, wait, you do too?!!!

Patriots fan in the making.

Gronk Spike!

Even he knows a bad call when he sees one. Outrageous.

But soon enough we were all smiles again.

What great expressions I got that day!

No one got hurt here... but when I saw that I got this image I had to include it.  But just so you know sometimes there are moments you can't believe you could have ever caught with the camera.

Even though everyone was exhausted there were still smiles to go around. I can't wait to watch this family grow!  Thank you Ingrid and Alex for your continued support!

I am currently still book fall family sessions. To get your own session on the books email me directly at