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The ring that started it all....

Emily and Jason's wedding brought together friends and family for a day of fun. They had a lot of help in the planning process and it's safe to say that it turned out to be a classic affair and everyone was all smiles.

No detail was overlooked. From hand-painted portions of their invitations to the jewelry and personalized hanger, everything was just as it should be.

I fell in love with the lacy detail on Emily's dress. And I wanted to make sure you could all see the intricate patterns.

And while all the girls were getting ready, Emily's dad was at ease preparing for the rest of the day.

He looks so relaxed, while the big question upstairs was about the "Something new, old, borrowed and blue?" Let's just say that the laughter was hard to ignore.

Emily had a beaming smile and kept things light with her laughs and sense of humor.


The lovely ladies were all ready as the limo arrived.

And as I reached the church I was happy to find my second shooter had the guys all set as well. And let me just thank my second, Jess, for all her hard work that day. Everything goes so much smoother having her around. Thank you!

Jason and his groomsmen indulged me for a couple minutes.

And then Jason waited for the arrival of his bride....

... and arrive she did. Proud dad and daughter moment!

Emily and Jason were totally in tune as they sang along with all those present to "Marblehead Forever".

NAILED IT! I love these two!!!

And after a great ceremony, these newlyweds got to ring the church bells. How fun is that?!!!!

Emily and Jason's friends and family provided well wishes during the receiving line.

All the while I cornered the couple's limo driver and he was brave enough to let me get this shot with the Limo reflected in his sunglasses.

And then we were off to Crocker Park for formals. It was a race against time as a storm was heading our way and we made it just in time... and utilized the clouds to our advantage in the photos!

We finished our formal photos at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA. Last time I was here I was lucky enough to utilize this staircase as well. But now there is this amazing blue mural by Michael Lin.

I could have stayed there for hours photographing these two! It's totally worth a visit!

But as with any event, it was time to continue the planned festivities.

The fall theme was intricately woven throughout the room.

This guest was so fun... she high-fived everyone. Here Jason's parents were welcomed to the reception in style.

After the standing ovation that Emily and Jason received, they smoothly transitioned to their first dance.

I love this little glance that Emily gives to Jason during the dance. I think they're having a good time!

I love the subtle moments that you get to see between two people in love...

.... other expressions are less subtle. Ha ha ha...

So synchronized.... did you two practice?

Among the beautiful things the bride was wearing that day, was her Grandmother's ring... I got an opportunity to really appreciate it's fine detail during the reception. Man, I love rings.

And soon after that, the dancing really got going. The Junior Bridesmaids were the first to show their moves on the dance floor!

But it did not take long to get everyone moving.

Limbo? What do you think...

Two Thumbs Up.

And those not on the dance floor were socializing... until the next event... which Emily excelled in...

Bouquet Toss.

I wasn't sure what this look was for... it did look a bit mischievous to me... but even so, I wasn't ready for...

... the EXTREME height that Emily was about to throw that Bouquet. Damn Girl!  ha ha ha... But eventually it came down and was claimed.

Jason had a quick pep session before the garter removal. The concerned look was fleeting because after he completed his task the antics continued...

Maybe I go to too many weddings, because I'm always shocked when the recipients of the bouquet and garter don't know what they are in for next. But clearly, Emily is enjoying what's about to happen....

Scandalous!... ha ha ha...

As my time came to an end, the party continued and I heard later that the parents, guests, bridal party and Emily and Jason had an amazing evening celebrating!

Congratulations again Emily and Jason!

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Videographer: Softshell Productions

Live Band: Mark Greel Musical Services

Venue: Peabody Essex Museum

Catering: Hawthorne Hotel Catering

Church: Old North Church, Marblehead