Superhero 5K 2012 | Central Sq. Cambridge, MA

Happy Halloween 2012

This year's Superhero 5K walk/run had 1,013 participants. Impressive, no?! With that many people in attendance there were some fantastic costumes and some rather unique ones too!

Have2Run Productions organizes the Superhero 5K annually and money raised goes to support On the Rise, which is a day program for women who are homeless or in crisis.  This year they also partnered with the Tyler Foundation, which s a group of athletes of all levels that compete in different races throughout the year to raise awareness and funds to support families' of children with epilepsy that are being treated at Children's Hospital Boston and UMass Memorial Children's Medical Center.

Enjoy the following photos I captured from the race. I always have a hoot. And I even recognized a few individuals this year, even though they had new costumes. I guess I'm becoming a regular. Oh, and some may notice an abundance of photos of "Carnage". Yeah, well, I live with and date "Carnage" so don't hold it against me. Ha ha ha.


So, Jason, hand painted the black lines on his morphsuit. Looks pretty awesome and got some wonderful reviews from the crowd!

Crowd control. ha.

Hulk checks out the swag... and a Pre-race pep talk for Quailman.

Starro the Conqueror

Rocky, Bullwinkle and a handsome Natasha Fatale finalizing their strategy!

And then the race began. There were some very fast runners this year!

Leading Lady!

So many Hulks this year. I particularly like this one....

The only monkey I saw during the run. But maybe I missed the others...

There were a few wrestlers present this year too... Ooooh Yah!

From a non-runner's point of view... how do they look so happy?

Safe to say that, Yes, You Are the..... World's Fastest Super Hero Christmas Tree!

It took a lot of restraint not to punch that box out of his hands to find out what was hidden in there... oh, you Mystery Block... I must know what you contain...

Carnage is still going strong.

Another Hulk.

The littlest runners received a lot of cheers from the passing cars.

Ironman... the Male Best Costume Winner.

And the fearless organizer Emma was on hand for making sure the entire event went smoothly and handing out the awards.

Congrats Emma. Another fantastic year!

If you think this looks like fun, you should definitely join in next year!