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father and son playing in leaves, Elm Bank, Wellesley

Meet my newest family. I welcome Gayun, John and the kiddos to the Blog!

Ummm, but seriously, you're about to get an eyeful of cuteness... hope you're all prepared! Now I'm going to let you know something embarrassingly awful... on the day of this session, I had the most awful start to my day. I had locked myself out of my car and ALL my camera gear was IN my car. Wha????? Seriously, I couldn't believe such a thing could happen... and well, it can people, oh yes it can and it did! But two amazing things happened that day... ONE, I had my phone in my hand so I was able to get AAA summoned. TWO, Gayun, John and their trio made me smile, laugh, oooh and aaahhh and honestly I forgot my troubles. But I will not forget their thoughtfulness and kindness. You are real gems!

These boys have got spunk! They have some great little dance moves too!

They are also very curious and were caught exploring throughout the session.

Not only that, they are also Loved by their big sister!

After so much posing, everyone need time to roam around and do what they want...

Each had their own ideas...

And then everyone scattered and look who I found first!

But soon everyone congregated in the leaves and had a blast...

.... finding a favorite leaf was especially fun.

Even Gayun found a perfect fall leaf.

It didn't take long either before this was happening...


I guarantee you the kids weren't the only ones having fun...

Everyone had their chance at a spin...

Go John Go!

This one cracks me up so much because you can totally image how weightless he feels as he's being spun around!

After all that work it's time for a snack and a hug!

Honestly, the smiles never ended.

This is one of those moments that I hope the parents appreciate the most... just seems like a reflection of the character of the two twins, making them unique even though appearances are so similar!

I couldn't resist these two images back to back... the rush... then...


I did my best to keep up as long as possible... but they were running circles around me...


But we did squeak in a couple more...


Now, after all of that, I'm feeling all smiles again. No doubt you are too!

If you are interested in scheduling your own family session, please contact me directly at jennaltonphoto@gmail.com

Oh, and I encourage everyone to have some sort of roadside assistance... you never know when you might need it!!! Ha.