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I've been waiting for Katie and Mike to return from their honeymoon to post about their wedding. Welcome back you two! I hope you had a blast!

I have to also say right away, that I have never felt as included as I was during the planning process. I was kept informed the whole way through and really I just felt like I was part of the family. Not only that though, when I arrived the day of the wedding... a small cheer went through the house and I got a small tear to my eye! Thank you Katie, Mike, Mary-Jo, Matt, Sarah and ALL the rest! You are truly amazing!

I squealed a little when I saw Katie's shoes. I mean how darn cute are those little details.

And I got extremely excited when I saw how the rings looked against the veil.

Katie had all the support of her family and friends. Whether there were nerves at work, it didn't show one bit.

I love the little glance Katie gives into the church before Matt walks her in. So so so sweet.

St. Patrick Church, Stoneham, MA

I can't get over how happy both Katie and Mike were. They definitely made my job easier with smiles this genuine!

Things only got better after the ceremony. Despite the cold, Katie and Mike braved the temps and we had an awesome time in Gloucester and Stage Fort Park!

But seriously, you have no idea how cold it was! Either their formal wear was warmer than they appear or these two must have been generating some magical wedding day heat! Ha!

I fell in love with this stone building right away. Katie looked stunning against the rough textures.

Ummmm.... GQ much Mike? Ha! Looking good!

Always laughing, always smiling, always in tune with one another...

Immediately after this shot we all took cover and got warmed up for the rest of the party!

I never know what is going to happen when the Bridal Party enters the reception and this time was no exception. I wasn't surprised that everyone brought their own personal twist to the entrance. And because Katie and Mike are sports fans the "football play" by the groomsmen and bridesmaid should have been on my radar and yet... it was the spiked flowers that shocked me to no end. Mostly because I had no idea a bouquet could explode in such a fashion. Oh boy... I'm sorry for any florists that see this. All those beautiful flowers.

Even if some of the crowd was still in shock the room exploded when the Newlyweds were announced, kind of like when the Celtics hit the floor at the Garden! Ha!

This was a first for me... Personalized Cornhole boards used as the guest book. So so cute!

With multiple food stations, everyone was able to find something they wanted and man was everything delicious. I could have eaten every option at that pasta station. Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm... but I digress.

Above is one of the Junior Bridesmaid's showing off her artwork that she did especially for the Bride and Groom! How adorable!

Parent dances are always a treat!

After all the formal rituals, the dancing commenced.... For Reals...

The DJ even got all the ladies in attendance on the dance floor for a few songs!

And as the night came to an end this was my final shot! How freakin' cute are these two!!!!? Ha.


Congratulations again Katie and Mike! As I've already told you, not only are you some of the finest clients I've had, I also consider you my friends! May you always find warmth in each other as you did on this special day!

Bride and Groom portrait kissing, Cruise Port, Gloucester, MA

Thank you also to my spectacular Second Shooter, Jess Hallett! Jess, you are ever so special to me!

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