Adoption Day = Forever Family | Lowell Juvenile Courthouse | Documentary Style Photography

Lowell Juvinile Court

Last month I was a part of something big. I mean Huge! One night I was contacted about photographing Kelley and Jeff's first of four adoptions. Whoa, really?! I'd love to do that!  (For reasons of privacy I won't be using the young lady's first name.)

I was thrilled by the prospect. Maybe giddy is even a better word for my reaction. The excitement of documenting such a special day and providing memories for this family was so inspiring. After a short time of talking with Kelley I knew how genuine this experience was for them. But little did I know just how impacting it would be for me!

Kelley and Jeff welcomed me with open arms. They have been waiting for this day and working through the system with the help of so many friends and family. And I got to meet some of the players who have made this happen. What an amazing group!

Mother and Daughter on Adoption Day

When I first met up with the family I found Miss K with her fancy hair and her new dress and a smile a mile wide! This was a very special day for this young lady and we were all there to make it a memory to cherish forever!Adoption Day

adoption day

I can't say enough about Miss K! In the few hours I had with her, she surprised me in many ways for a lady of her age. From watching the way she cares for her sisters to her ability to take direction, she is mature beyond her years. She clearly watches out for others... she even watched out for me that day! I have a tendency to switch my lenses frequently while shooting... and if I know I'm going to put a lens back on, I will leave the lens out and keep an eye on it. Well, little did I know Miss K was also keeping an eye on it! At one point a car was leaving the parking lot near where my camera bag and lenses were. She was thoughtful enough to ask me if my lens was going to be okay... I mean seriously... holy man, I gotta bring her with me everywhere I go!

Now that we know just how amazing Miss K is... meet the rest of the crew!

Adopted Sisters, forever family

I was introduced to the term Forever Family for the first time that day. Although they are not biologically related they will be Forever Sisters and Forever Family. I immediately well up with emotion over the meaning behind these words for this family. adoption day, forever family

Each individual's personality shines when they are together... from the shy to the overly energetic, everyone is allowed to be themselves. Parents and daughter on adoption day  Miss K's parents presented her with a token of their love. Oh how beautiful those earrings are! A perfect addition to her well selected wardrobe! Heart earrings, on adoption day with family

More family arrived to share the special day with tokens of personal significance. Family on adoption day.

And with a little time left before the courthouse, the girls all got together for another group shot and a little fun. Mom and daughters on adoption day

Family on adoption day in courtroom

When we reached the courthouse and were allowed inside the room, it was easy to see just how support Miss K has... Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Case Workers, Lawyers.... the pews were full and the nerves were brewing. Family on adoption day in courtroom

judge on adoption day on the stand

I have to say, I haven't met many judges. But this one was top notch. He was quick to make everyone more comfortable and share his personal history with adoption. Family on adoption day in courtroom

Not only was the judge winning over the adults, he and his staff also have a way with the kids... ummmm.... stuffed animals, yes please!!!Family on adoption day in courtroom

Family on adoption day in courtroom

And then it was time to get down to business. Miss K shared a few of her own personal, "no one helped me write this...", words to reflect her thoughts for the day. Gotta love this girl! Family on adoption day in courtroom

Family on adoption day in courtroom

And her folks had a few words of their own. There were promises and wishes for their shared future. It's safe to say there wasn't a dry eye in the place. I did my very best to keep it together. But they pushed me.... really close to the edge. Family on adoption day in courtroom

Family on adoption day in courtroom

judge on adoption day in courtroom

Next up were the final declarations... and when the gavel came out some were prepared for everything. ha.

Family on adoption day in courtroom

judge on adoption day in courtroom

Family on adoption day in courtroom

The whole gang that was there to share this very special day!Family on adoption day in courtroom

Family on adoption day in courtroom

I wish I was as eloquent with my words as Miss K was! It's something that I struggle with on each and every one of these blog posts. There is so much to learn from those we are fortunate enough to meet and this occasion was no different! I learned so much from Miss K in only a few short hours with her.... she's definitely an impressive young lady with a world of possibilities ahead of her! Thank you Miss K and Thank you Kelley and Jeff for the opportunity to capture such an amazing moment in your family's history! I wish you all the very best this holiday season and look forward to your future milestones!