Happy New Year :: 2013 :: Thank You

NewYear, photobooth with wooden frame

I awoke today and it was almost identical to the way that yesterday started... a cat on my chest, a kiss from Jason, and an immediate coffee in my hand. But, like most others, I too have reflected on 2012 and look forward to 2013.

2012 brought me more NEW clients than ever, more REPEAT clients than ever, and some wonderful opportunities offered by the amazing people I'm surrounded by. Of course there are things that I would have liked to have gone differently. However, why linger... just learn and move on (easier said than done, sometimes.)

I also had some personal successes this year. After making some changes and putting in a lot of effort, I have currently lost over 50 pounds. I can't say it was a New Years resolution or anything but more like - my knees and back hurt - I must do something about this. So, with another 10-15 pounds to go I am still working on it. But I'm feeling great so even though this last bit has already been hard I am confident that I can do it. And the fact that the holidays didn't derail me completely, I must be on to something!

2013 has plenty of room for growth in both my business and my personal life and I couldn't be happier to feel that way. There are a few trips planned for the year and I'll share more as they approach!

I can't thank my family, friends, fans, followers, clients - however you call yourselves - enough. You make possible what I create!

Cheers, jenn