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Wedding Dress detail, Chicago WeddingI don't know about you, but my friends are extensions of my family. Therefore when my longest standing friend got engaged, it was as if a sister (or what I think it would feel like if I had a sister) had told me the wonderful news! Not only have I known Sarah since High School, or possibly even Middle School, but we have been close throughout the years, despite the distances. So, it is with extreme joy to bring to you my favorites from Sarah and Rich's wedding day this past Saturday.

A couple of days before the wedding Sarah told me that her co-workers were wondering how quickly the photos would be ready. Not that I was surprised by this question, but the reason was because they couldn't wait to see Sarah in a dress. I think it's safe to say that hoodies are a staple in her wardrobe, not dresses and heels. So, on that note, you may start to understand just how grand the day was...

Bride getting ready, hair and makeup, Spoil Me SalonAdel and her assistant from Spoil Me Salon worked with Sarah and her Bridesmaids and Mother in the early hours.

Hair and Make up for wedding, spoil me salonAfter Sarah was finished and the others were getting dolled up I caught Sarah on her phone. I thought maybe I'd catch her texting Rich some cute reminder or something, but no...

Bride on cell phone, wedding day...she was shopping for shoes.  I hope you bought those. I love the color! ha ha ha.

Brides shoes, detail

Bride's necklace, wedding detail

Wedding rings, bands, detail, Chicago wedding, Monopoly board Illinos Avenue propertyThis ring shot was purely for my amusement... Chicago Wedding... Illinois... get it... yep, I went there... not to worry, I took more.

Wedding Rings, detail

Wedding shoes, blue glitter Toms

Sarah had numerous shoes to wear throughout the day. I'm not sure I knew about the shoe addiction before that day, but now we all know. ha.

bride hoodie with sparkly Toms

There's the bride hoodie that was more present the night before, but it still helped insulate her for the trip to the venue.

Bride Putting on Necklace with help from future sister in law. And in no time at all, it was time for the last details. Rich's sister helping to make sure Sarah's pendant is secured.

Then it was off to Uncommon Ground.

Uncommon Ground on Devon, Chicago, IL

Bride assisting groom with bow tie before the wedding

Sarah found Rich and gave him a hand with his tie. Rich looked dashing in his Tux!

Next up I swept them outside to the roof deck for some formal photos. These two were troopers as it was mighty chilly. You'll see that Sarah kept her coat and boots on for some of these but also braved it in others. I'll say, we are all Midwesterners.... and a hearty bunch at that.... but my thumb did go numb at one point, which is when it was safe to say we should go inside.

Bride and groom before the ceremony, Uncommon Ground on Devon, roof deck

What does that thermometer say in the back.... brrrrrr....

Bride and groom before the ceremony, Uncommon Ground on Devon, roof deckAlthough it was totally out of season, the roof deck gardens still had some really interesting features for us to use for the photos.

Bride , Uncommon Ground on Devon, brick wallsHow adorable is Sarah here?

Bride and Groom , Uncommon Ground on Devon, stair caseThe way Rich looks at Sarah just makes me smile.

Bride and Groom , Uncommon Ground on Devon, brick wall


Bride and Groom , Uncommon Ground on Devon, sofa

Uncommon Ground on Devon, Chicago, IL

Bride and Groom , Uncommon Ground on Devon

And soon it was time to meet back up with the rest of the bridal party.

A few laughs were had to ease the tension...

Bride and Groom in green room , Uncommon Ground on Devon

Officiant and sister Lynne, prior to the ceremony, Uncommon Ground on Devon

... then onto the ceremony. Officiated by Rich's sister and with Sarah & Rich's sisters and closest friends supporting them on stage, they exchanged vows and rings and took a bow.

Ring exchange and vows, Uncommon Ground on Devon, Chicago, IL

You two couldn't make it look any easier! Congratulations.

 Uncommon Ground on Devon, Chicago, IL

I can't say enough good things about Travis and the staff at Uncommon Ground. They run a good show and mix some amazing drinks. And at this point all the guests were tended to with apps and drinks before the meal.

Bloody Mary,  Uncommon Ground on Devon, Chicago, IL

Nommmm, being a guest as well as the Photog has some wonderful perks. Bloody Mary's are my current weakness, so I was pleased... mighty mighty pleased.

Speech by sister Bekka, Uncommon Ground on DevonThe Bride and Groom were toasted and their love was highlighted by wonderful speeches from their family and friends.

A fist bump was also exchanged between the Bride and her dad!

Bride and father of bride fist bump, Uncommon Ground on Devon

Toasting the bride and groom , Uncommon Ground on Devon


Cake cutting, West Town Bakery & DinerThe bride can have her cake, eat it...

Cake cutting, West Town Bakery & Diner... and have cupcakes too. Oh yes, she can.  Thanks to West Town Bakery & Diner

Cupcake sample, West Town Bakery & DinerNom. Nom. Nom.

Uncommon Ground on Devon, Chicago, IL

Wedding Guest book

The staff never ceased to amaze me. When I ordered this espresso drink, they added just the perfect touch...

Coffee drink with Bride and Groom's names. Uncommon Ground on Devon, Chicago, IL. Adorable.

Bride, groom and officiant, Signing offical paperwork,  Uncommon Ground on Devon, Chicago, IL.

Making it official on paper...

... and on the dance floor.

Bride, groom and and family dancing, Uncommon Ground on Devon, Chicago, IL.

"We are family...." a Haynor tradition.

Gerber daisy, Uncommon Ground on Devon, Chicago, IL.

rings on bride and groom, Uncommon ground on Devon

As the event came to a close, there is no doubt in my mind that Sarah and Rich have the love and support from their family and friends to take on anything that comes their way. With love and laughs I wish you all the best for the journey ahead.

Congratulations Rich and Sarah!

Bride and Groom , Uncommon Ground on Devon, brick wall

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