Family Session...Family Fun | New England Area Photographer

outdoor Family photo Meet Diane and Payam and their two boys. I met them two years ago at a wild one year old birthday party. It is incredible how fast time flies!

With Bijan almost three and Cyrus just over one they sure have a beautiful family.

outdoor Family photo We roamed around their back yard and neighborhood and had a lovely morning.

Some of us had more fun than others...

Little boy portraitsOne Ear. Two Ears. Tongue. Ha ha ha.

Little boy tossed in air by dadSo much fun turning one.

One year old outdoor photo

Brothers playing outdoorsThe boys even shared a quiet moment together inspecting the nature around them.

Then the insects swarmed and we were finished with that... ha.

Boy in woods playingThis makes me think of a Wizard and I wonder if he'll eventually get into Harry Potter or something similar... or is it just me.... ha.

Family outdoor photosThe curiosity of little ones is so fun to photograph.

Family outdoor photoThese kiddos did such a good job. It's hard work modeling but they kept it together just long enough... then we went inside to show me around a few of their favorite things.

Toddler with train set Choo! Choo! Chuga! Chuga! Choo! Choo!

Boy in crib portraitBounce. Bounce. Bounce.

Brothers reading a bookAs we wrapped up, the fish book was brought out and apparently it was talked about for a good part of the day how I took photos of them with their book. You would have never guessed that it would have made such an impression... it's the little things at this stage that mean so much.

When's the last time you had your family photos taken? Don't wait, email me to get a date in the books.